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Dry Eye Syndrome 2015-2020

Ophthalmic & Auditory Diseases

Epiomic Insights for Dry Eye Syndrome provides you with a top line snapshot of the market potential in terms of patient populations for this multifactorial disorder of the tear film. Patients with this syndrome will tend to report a variety of symptoms which make it a challenge to delineate the eligible population aligned with this condition.

Sourcing data from our Epiomic Patient segmentation database, we are able to reference relevant clinical trial data and patient registries to provide a picture of the total projected prevalent population across 7 major global markets.

This one-page synopsis developed by our team of analysts delivers a current overview of the disease and risk factors with a perspective on the future drivers of the patient population. The total dry eye syndrome population across all markets has also been segmented by gender type and sub-population types within the syndrome.

This style of report is ideal for companies entering a new market segment or disease area of which they have limited knowledge. Alternatively, companies considering investing in healthcare innovation may benefit from a high-level, accurate overview of the market to determine likely commercial potential of such an investment.