Patient Event Outcomes

For healthcare companies that are introducing new diagnostic or therapeutic solutions, there is a challenge to deliver innovations that can generate positive outcomes to patients and the healthcare system above what currently exist.

The Epiomic™ Patient Events & Outcomes database is a useful tool that can provide this insight for some of the better understood disease areas, such as chronic heart failure, that has clearly definable associated events and related costs.

This database utilises the Epiomic™ Patient Segmentation database, as a starting point, to generate a specific population segment within a disease area for a specific year and market. The information within the Epiomic database have been drawn from reliable sources such as patient registries, matched against government sources where possible and clinically validated. Event rates are overlaid on the population segments to generate cost benefit and cost effectiveness analyses based on a population representative of a total country level.

Depending on the products profile, this can provide a relatively quick analysis of the impact of the innovative product to the healthcare system and identify what is driving these values. There can also be a comparison with the current standard of care or a future product with a specific profile.

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