Epiomic Segmentation

Epiomic™ patient segmentation database takes epidemiology analysis for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to a higher level. By overlaying the basic prevalence or incidence data with patient vital signs, pathophysiology and co-morbidities, more accurate patient segmentation is possible. This allows for more robust product valuations and forecasts.

Commercial and Strategic Investment Planning

The focus of healthcare development has recently shifted towards providing solutions for niche patient populations with complex co-morbid conditions. The Epiomic™ database can identify these patients and provide the building blocks to a robust valuation or help identify a segment with high potential - click here to see more benefits.

Health Economics, Outcomes Research & Market Access

Budget impact assessments for an innovative technology can be a challenge if the right patient segment can’t be identified. With over 2,500 sub-populations across 125 diseases at your disposal, the Epiomic™ database can deliver a rapid quantification of patients for a particular disease or condition - click here to see more benefits.

Clinical Trial Development

An accurate patient segment for a particular clinical study, that is able to include many of the important patient attributes, can be a powerful tool. Epiomic™ database can deliver this type of information ensuring better accuracy in study sizing and a realistic patient recruitment rate for the different countries - click here to see more benefits.

If you are interested in discussing how offering would be of benefit to your company, reply with an email to sales@epiomic.com or visit our website at www.epiomic.com or www.blackswan-analysis.co.uk