Hospital Admissions

One of our key building blocks to our Epiomic offering is the Hospital Admissions database which includes coverage of 28 markets, the USA, Brazil and 26 European countries. This database captures the total number of patients that have been admitted to hospital in each market according to the primary admission code for their stay in hospital. This is the main reason for admission to the hospital by the attending clinician but may not be the only reason for their stay.

We have separated the database into 13 distinct primary admission categories such as; Diseases of the Digestive System, Infectious & Parasitic Diseases and Fractures with approximately 12 episode types in each category to yield over 170 different 3 digit ICD-9 hospital admission episodes per market As we have with the other Epiomic offerings, the data has been analysed by gender and 5 year age cohorts – all of which can be downloaded to Excel in a CSV format if required. For each hospital episode we have also provided a 10 year forecast outlook based on historical and current market trends.

What will this database deliver to subscribers?

For companies with a healthcare asset that are operating in the hospital environment, this data would provide a valuable insight to the current and future potential of their offering across the 6 major global markets. The user friendly interface makes it easy to search for the relevant data to support your analysis for your medical device, diagnostic or therapeutic treatment. To provide an additional layer of granularity, the information could be combined with our Epiomic Hospital Procedure database to provide a more holistic view of the patient segment likely to follow a specific treatment/diagnostic pathway.

If you are interested in having a look at this new database, a subscription or ad-hoc request, reply via email to or visit our website at or