Health Economics

An increasingly stringent regulatory environment along with various cost containment strategies of payers each present a unique challenge for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. More expensive products are being pigeon-holed to specific patient profiles, genetic subtypes or a particular line of therapy. The existing price-volume relationship is not going to change any time soon.


The Epiomic database allows the rapid quantification of a total number of patients at the national level that align to a likely product label. This makes it simple, rapid and straight forward to generate budget impact assessments since the hard work of determining the total eligible patient population has been done.

The information within the Epiomic database have been drawn from reliable sources such as patient registries, matched against government sources, where possible and clinically validated.

Since the patient populations have been generated using published trial data, event rates can be overlaid to population segments to generate cost benefit and cost effectiveness analyses based on a population representative of a total country level.

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